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Bel-Ray Foam AirFilter Oil is formulated for all street, off-road and racing foam air filter applications.  Innovative Bel-Ray technology has produced a foam filter oil unlike any other. It is easy to apply and improves airflow.  Ultra-viscous formula forms an oil barrier to trap micron-sized particles that can cause engine damage.  Waterproof formula prevents clogging when wet. Applications:

  • For all foam type air filter elements

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast drying  - A fast drying tacky film is produced to ensure optimum performance of foam filter without the runny solvent.  Not only reduces maintenance time, but makes performing maintenance easier.
  • Ultra-viscous  - The viscous tacky formula traps micron-sized particles that can cause engine damage.
  • Waterproof  - The barrier film will not wash off, clog or gum up when filter gets wet.

General Description: Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil is for all street, off-road and racing motorcycle foam air filter applications.  Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil products are formulated using the most advanced technology to protect engines from contaminants.  The products are packaged in two delivery systems allowing users to effortlessly apply the product to the filter. Application Instruction: Wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Clean filter to remove all dirt and contamination using Bel-Ray Foam Filter Cleaner & Degreaser. Allow filter to dry.  Work Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil into filter, coating all of the foam cells with oil.  Squeeze excess foam air filter oil out of filter.  Allow foam air filter to dry before using. Product No. 99190 Product Name Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil

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