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Designed by extensively reviewing the needs of mechanics and riders at the dealership and at the racetrack, this kit is over 250 pieces of premium factory style metric hardware including socket head bolts, button head bolts, flange bolts, nylon removable rivets, Fuji-lock nuts, fairing bolts and more. Fits all late model Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki sportbikes. Our hardware meets or exceeds OEM specs. Proudly produced in the USA.

Japanese Sportbike Pro-Pack Contents Hex Flange Bolts (4) M8x40mm low profile dimpled hex flange bolts (4) M8x35mm low profile dimpled hex flange bolts (4) M8x30mm low profile dimpled hex flange bolts (4) M8x16mm low profile dimpled hex flange bolts (2) M6x45mm hex flange bolts (2) M6x40mm hex flange bolts (4) M6x30mm hex flange bolts (4) M6x25mm hex flange bolts (4) M6x20mm hex flange bolts (4) M6x16mm hex flange bolts (4) M6x12mm hex flange bolts Fairing Bolts (4) M6x25mm fairing bolts (4) M6x20mm fairing bolts (4) M6x16mm fairing bolts (4) M6x12mm fairing bolts (4) M5x20mm fairing bolts (4) M5x16mm fairing bolts (4) M5x12mm fairing bolts Button Head Bolts (4) M8x40mm button head allen bolts (4) M8x30mm button head allen bolts (4) M8x20mm button head allen bolts (4) M6x25mm button head allen bolts (4) M6x20mm button head allen bolts (4) M6x16mm button head allen bolts (4) M6x12mm button head allen bolts Socket Head Bolts (6) M8x40mm socket head bolts (6) M8x30mm socket head bolts (6) M8x20mm socket head bolts (4) M6x40mm socket head bolts (4) M6x35mm socket head bolts (8) M6x30mm socket head bolts (8) M6x25mm socket head bolts (8) M6x20mm socket head bolts (8) M6x16mm socket head bolts Nylon Rivets/Plastic Clips (8) M6 3-stage push rivets/plastic clips (4) M7 3-stage push rivets/plastic clips (8) M8 3-stage push rivets/plastic clips (4) M7 Removable pry rivets/plastic clips Nuts (6) M10x1.25 Fuji style metal locking flange nuts 14mm A/F (Hex) (4) M8x1.25 Fuji style metal locking flange nuts 12mm A/F (2) M6x1.0 Fuji style metal locking flange nuts 10mm A/F (4) M6 Nylon locking nuts (6) M5 Nylon locking nuts Washers (6) M10x20mm Flat Washers (2) M8x30mm Fender Washers (2) M8x25mm Fender Washers (4) M6x22mm Fender Washers (12) M5x13mm Nylon Washers (20) M6x15.5mm Clear Nylon Washers Screws (3) M5x15 Pan Head Screws (3) M5x10 Pan Head screws (3) M4x12 Phillips flush mount screws Windscreen Fasteners (6) M5 Rubber well nuts (6) M5x16mm windscreen bolts (6) M5x13mm Nylon Washers


Price: $88.00

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